Argos Castle

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27' minutes

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Argos Castle is one of the oldest and most historic castles in Greece. The site had been fortified since prehistoric times.

The castle was finalized by the Franks.

The castle of Larissa (Argos means plain and Larissa means acropolis), was built in prehistoric times, repaired and expanded several times since antiquity, and played an important historical role during the Venetian occupation and the Greek Revolution of 1821.

It is at the top of the hilltop, which is also the highest point of the city (289 m). The castle has two enclosures, the outer 200 meters long and the inner 70 meters long. Inside there was a temple of Larissa Zeus and Athena Polias. There was also a 12th century crucifix church. Her landmark inscription survives under the name of Bishop Nikita, which is kept in the storehouses of the Argos Museum.

In ancient times there was a castle and the neighboring hill of Aspidos, which however is not preserved. Tied to walls, these two castles fortified the city and protected it from hostile raids.

The castle was built in prehistoric times. In the 5th and 6th c. B.C. The Argaians repaired and completed the wall, following the older traces. Significant parts of that time are preserved in the north and west.

During the Greek Revolution, when the great army of Dramalis arrived in Argos, Kolokotronis considered that the Greeks needed to occupy the castle in order to occupy the enemy and gain valuable time. Kolokotronis initially sent 100 elite men, to whom later were added and more than 700. Their leader was Dimitrios Ypsilantis.